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Forest Club
of Russian non-governmental organizations

The Russian NGOs` Forest Club is an informal working group, which consists of representatives from the largest NGOs working actively for Russian forest conservation.

Photo by V.Zakharov, another Forest Club member

The basis of the club comes from the necessity to unite and coordinate NGO forest related activities.

The Club's major activities are:

  • Improvement of Russian forest legislation, forestry regulations and technical standards.
  • Inventory of natural old growth forests and other valuable forest areas.
  • Monitoring of protected territories for illegal logging and poaching.
  • Promoting of ecologically and socially responsible forestry, independent forest certification.
  • The Forest Bulletin.

Forest Club members:

The Socio-Ecological Union Forest campaign

The Biodiversity Conservation Center

Druzhinas (Student Corps) for Nature Conservation Movement

Greenpeace Russia

Taiga Rescue Network-Russia

The Save Pechora Committee

and individual activists

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