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Russia: Total civic environment clean-up (18 2013)
My colleague and journalist Andrey Allakhverdov is kept in an investigative isolation ward in Murmansk. He is one of the Arctic 30 from Arctic Sunrise ship. Andrey has been the head of Greenpeace Russia press service since January 2013. He devoted 20 years of his life to covering environmental and social issues but it seems like ecological journalism, like any other kind of independent journalism, is not welcome in Russia any more. Andrey left journalism to work for the environmental organisation, to continue doing what he believes in, i.e. protection of nature for its own sake and for the sake of protecting of public interests. In the end this belief led him on board of Arctic Sunrise and to the isolation ward in Murmansk.

Into the Woods (6 2012)
TOL Special Report: Russias horrendous 2010 fires have sparked a new corps of volunteer forest guardians.

A Fire Threat Assessment Methodology was Presented in Khabarovsk (16 2012)
On February 16, 2012, a working meeting of subordinated authorities of the Forest Management Department at Khabarovsk Krai Government was held to discuss preparedness for the fire hazardous season of 2012. The meeting, which was attended by 48 representatives of Khabarovsk Krai forest districts, the RFE Forest Aviation Base and Dallesproyekt, the RFE branch of Roslesinforg, included a presentation and training on the use of the Methodology for Assessing Fire Threats From Various Social Groups Within a Forest District/Range.

A Series of Seminars to Promote a New Manual Will be Held in Russia (16 2012)
On February 21, 2012, at the World Bank Russian Representative Office in Moscow, a seminar will be conducted to present a new manual Improving Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in the Russian Federation.

Problems of forest law enforcement are getting on the agenda in Russian regions (21 2012)
On January 23-27, 2012 the seminar Experience of the regional forest law enforcement by the state forest control and supervision authorities will take place in Arkhangelsk.

Sixth NPAC Russia meeting (19 2012)
The sixth meeting of Russia National Program Advisory Committee (NPAC) of ENPI FLEG program will take place in Moscow in the World Bank Representative office in Russia on January 24, 2012. NPAC consists of representatives of the Russian Federal authorities, EU Commission Delegation in Russia, and NGOs. It oversights Program progress in Russia, evaluates results at the country level and provides advisory support to Implementing Organizations in their work. The meeting will be devoted to evaluation of the ENPI FLEG program results according to the Russian country workplan for July December 2012. It is also planned to review preliminary outcomes and positive impacts of ENPI FLEG on the Russian forest sector. The meeting resolution will be posted later at this website.

Russia and EU share the task on preventing illegal logging (7 2011)
Participants of the Sixth meeting of the experts subgroup on forest law enforcement, forest management and forests conservation of the Russia-EU dialogue on the Environment are sure that joint efforts will help to tackle this global problem.

Priority Forest Issues Discussed at the St.Petersburg Forestry Forum (15 2011)
On October 4-6, a broad range of critical questions related to the development of Russias forest sector became the subject of discussion at the XIII St.Petersburg International Forum with the participation of WWF. Issues concerning the implementation of the ENPI FLEG Program in Russia were also tackled.

Will forestry projects become part of Russias climate policy? (14 2011)
The inclusion of forestry projects in Kyoto mechanisms remains a matter of dispute. For Russia this would be one of the least costly, thus very promising ways. Although many NGOs are cautious about the inclusion of forests in climate policy mechanisms, especially as far as methods of emissions volume estimation, the accuracy of carbon sequestration accounting and the threat of monoculture plantations to ecosystems are concerned.

15 days in jail for passing by an illegal dacha (28 2011)
The group of environmental activists including members of the Environmental Watch on North Caucasus as well as Yabloko party and Solidarnost movement protested illegal Black Sea dachas on the coast in the Tuapse district of Krasnodar region. The regional governor Alexander Tkachev chose the picturesque cove near Bzhid village to build his residence.

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