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The Russian Forest Update

For expident information exchange Russian NGOs' Forest Club jointly with Socio-Ecological Union's Center for Coordination and Information publishes an electronic bi-weekly bulletin, the Forest Update in Russian and English versions.

The Forest Update is aimed on forest activities groups. It allows different groups within Russian and foreign groups working on Russian forest issues to receive recent information on decisions made on different official levels, planned decisions, different forest related activities by government, business and NGOs, initiatives etc. We plan that our foreign partners will become more active and that way we in Russian version plan to publish information coming from abroad on issues related to forests that could be applied to situation in Russia, thus strenghtening networking and information exchange.

The English version is aimed to inform foreign groups interested in Russian foreign issues on the situation. It gives compact descriptions in decisions and activities planned and made, events occured during the two weeks etc. The English version tends to focus on all FSU countries, because many CIS republics are still out of the forest information mainstreams. It is crucial to broaden the informational field for strong networking on forest issues. We already covered events that happened in Tadjikistan, Ukraine and Latvia and plan to involve more countries.

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