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Alexey Morozov

Survey of Illegal Forest Felling Activities in Russia
(forms and methods of illegal cuttings)

In 1999 Russia exported about 29 million m3 of raw timber, and in round wood Russia exports more than a half of timber logged both legally and with violations of the existing legislation. Considerable income from the forest export stimulates forest felling both legal and illegal. The majority of companies buying wood from Russia either don't take interest in or prefer not to think about the origin of timber they buy, because they think that it really matters only in Russia Abroad all timber, even stolen, becomes legally clean. That's why it doesn't seem possible to solve the problem of illegal forest felling operations until both buyers and sellers of forest products close the illegally logged timber from entering the market.

A. Cuttings without permits (they are very often called unsanctioned)

B. 'Licensed' But Illegal Forest Felling Operations


The Author thanks

Anatoly Lebedev,
Sergey Tsyplenkov,
Alexey Yaroshenko,
Heather Hawkins
Roman Vazhenkov
for invaluable help in preparation of this matireal.

The publication of this book has been made possible with the assistance of the STICHTING DOEN Foundation.

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