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The Old-growth Forests of Boreal Europe

The Old-growth Maps

There are four maps included in the publication with the book: one map for each country of Fennoscandia (Norway, Sweden and Finland) and one map for each region of Russia under consideration (Murmansk Oblast, Karelia Republic, Arkhangelsk Oblast and Komi Republic).

Click the small picture to view larger map.

Overview map Old-growth Forests of Northern Europe
Finland Old-growth Forests of Finland
Norway Old-growth Forests of Norway
Sweden Old-growth Forests of Sweden
Murmansk Oblast (Russia) Old-growth Forests in the Murmansk Oblast (Russia)
Karelia Republic (Russia) Old-growth Forests in the Karelia Republic (Russia)
Arkhangelsk Oblast (Russia) Old-growth Forests in the Arkhangelsk Oblast (Russia)
Komi Republic (Russia) Old-growth Forests in the Komi Republic (Russia)

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