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Russian Forests

Welcome to FOREST.RU !!!

If You are looking for information about Russian forests and forestry You are in the right place!

Note, this is NOT an official site of Russian Forest Service or any other governmental body and NOT an advertisement by some particular forest company. Forest is no all about timber!

This site is about Russian forests, their conservation and sustainable usage. We will try to share with You our vision on Russian forests, forestry and forest management.

We will provide You with a basic information about Russian forests and forestry. We will share with You official data available, as far as provide our comments and evaluations. We will also tell You about official concept of Russian forestry and guide You through complicated Russian forest legislation and regulations.

Forest News

Russia: Total civic environment clean-up (18 2013)
My colleague and journalist Andrey Allakhverdov is kept in an investigative isolation ward in Murmansk. He is one of the Arctic 30 from Arctic Sunrise ship. Andrey has been the head of Greenpeace Russia press service since January 2013. He devoted 20 years of his life to covering environmental and social issues but it seems like ecological journalism, like any other kind of independent journalism, is not welcome in Russia any more. Andrey left journalism to work for the environmental organisation, to continue doing what he believes in, i.e. protection of nature for its own sake and for the sake of protecting of public interests. In the end this belief led him on board of Arctic Sunrise and to the isolation ward in Murmansk.

Into the Woods (6 2012)
TOL Special Report: Russias horrendous 2010 fires have sparked a new corps of volunteer forest guardians.

A Fire Threat Assessment Methodology was Presented in Khabarovsk (16 2012)
On February 16, 2012, a working meeting of subordinated authorities of the Forest Management Department at Khabarovsk Krai Government was held to discuss preparedness for the fire hazardous season of 2012. The meeting, which was attended by 48 representatives of Khabarovsk Krai forest districts, the RFE Forest Aviation Base and Dallesproyekt, the RFE branch of Roslesinforg, included a presentation and training on the use of the Methodology for Assessing Fire Threats From Various Social Groups Within a Forest District/Range.

   Hot Links

Forest Fires in the Russian Taiga: Natural Disaster or Poor Management?
Taiga Rescue Network Factsheet, Written by Mikhail Karpachevskiy, 2004.

Environmental aspects of forestry activity of large forest companies in Russia
21 largest industry holdings consume 23-25% of the wood supply and hold 40-42% of forest products sales

Atlas of Russias Intact Forest Landscapes

A History of Russian Forestry and its Leaders

Approximately 289 million hectares (26 percent of the forest zone) remain as large, intact forest landscapes in Russia. Approximately 5 percent of the intact forest landscapes are in areas with special protection at the federal level.

If You believe everything is OK with forests in Russia You are unfortunately far from the true. On this site we will also tell You about problems we regard as the most important for Russian forests.

However, we would not like just to tell how bad the situation is but look how the problems could be solved. Each time telling about a problem we will try to look for solution. Particularly, in this site we will try to discuss sustainable forestry issues in Russia – possible ways to improve current forestry practices.

One of our special focus is Russian old-growth forests – one of the largest shares of world's intact forests still remain in the Earth. We believe this unique natural heritage has international importance and should be preserved against destruction.

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