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Useful Links on Russian Forests

If You know other Internet information sources on Russian forests and forestry or would like us to refer to your web-site, please write us.
Note, all links to be opened in separate window of your brouser.

We would appreciate your reporting on dead links and changes in sites' location.

If You read Russian You can refer also to our Russian links page. Some important web resources on Russian forests and forestry do not have English pages yet and so are missed in this page.

Environmental NGOs Internet resources on Russian forests and forestry:

  • Taiga Rescue Network is an international network of non governmental organizations, indigenous peoples and nations working for the protection and sustainable use of the world's boreal forests. The Network is very active on Russian issues. A lot of useful information about Russian old-growth forests conservation, Russian timber trade and international timber companies could be found here.
  • The Old-growth Forests in Russia page supported by our Finnish friends and colleagues, the Forest Campaign of Luonto-Liitto - The Finnish Nature League, is one of the best English language sources in the Internet on Russian old-growth forests. The site is focused primarely on the North-Western Russia, mainly on the Karelia Republic, Luonto-Liitto people work actively on the ground in collaboration with Russian NGOs. Background info, news archive and nice photos are available.
    We would also recommend You the Luonto-Liitto Forest main page, which contains also interesting information about old-growth forests in Finland, as far as about Finnish forest industry as it looks from the point of view of environmental activists.
    Also, if You read Finnish You could learn about other activities of Luonto-Liitto.
  • The Forest Conservation Portal supported by, Inc. provides forest and biodiversity conservation news & information allover the world, including Europe and Russia. This is probably the best resourse on world forests conservation in the Internet we know. According to their own definition, the mission of is to contribute to ending deforestation, preserving old-growth forests, conserving all forests, maintaining climatic systems and commencing the age of ecological restoration.
    Do not miss their Forest Conservation Links section (separate site, in fact) - a reviewed forest conservation links collection - best scientific & advocacy links by categories.
  • Forest Frontiers Initiative of the World Resources Institute.
    Maps of frontier (=intact) forests of the World (Russia including) are available, as far as The Last Frontier Forests report and a lot of other useful information on the World forests. Particularly, see the Europe and Russia section for information on Russian forests.
    The frontier forests maps published untill now by WRI are rather general and debatable, at least as concerns Russia. Producing of more accurate maps is currently the subject of the Global Forest Watch initiative of the WRI. There is no report on Russia available yet. But it will be here.
  • Greenpeace is rather active working on Russian forest issues. Click "Russia" to read a brief information about this activity in English. Unfortunately, a very informative Greenpeace Russia Forest Campaign's page is currently in Russian only.
  • Druzhina (Student Corp) for Nature Conservation Movement known also as DOP Movement is the oldest really independent environmental NGO movement in the former Soviet Union active since 60s. Unfortunately, this English page is very brief and ugly. You could learn more from the Russian page of the Movement... if You read Russian ;-)
  • Socio-Ecological Union International is one of the larges environmental umbrella type NGO in the former Soviet Union. Its Forest Campaign in fact supports this site.
  • Pacific Environment & Recources Center is the US based NGO working with a few forest projects in the Russian Far East and Southern Siberia. Here You could find some information on the PERC's projects, links, as far as purchase some reports on the issue.

Russian official Internet sources on Russian forests and forestry:

  • AVIALESOOKHRANA Central Base Web Server.
    In fact this is currently probably the most interesting Russian official web resource on forests available in English. The server provides daily information about fire risk and fire status of forests. Low resolution satellite images of cloudiness over Russia and detected forest fires maps in REAL TIME are available! Some data have restricted access (for authorized users only). However, a lot of info is available for everybody.
    "AVIALESOOKHRANA" is the state enterprise for taking care of forest fires and pest outbreaks. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the all country system had been dropped into separate enterprises, which are currently more or less independent. The Central Base is the central one of them.
  • Krasnoyarsk Center for Forest Protection.
    General information about Center; coloured guide to insect pests of Siberian forests; maps showing population density of our major pests
  • Moscow City Forest Administration looks to be currently the only regional forest administration, which has English language web pages. Although it is a very specific case it may be interesting as an example of such structures. There is the information available about the recreation options in the Moscow city forest parks and around, services description, clickable map and description of particular areas. May be interesting for nature lover forced to stay some days in the Moscow city.
  • Arkhangelsk Forest Inventory Expedition.
    The Arkhangelsk branch of the former SU forest survey system. Currently state but more or less independent company. Gather and store the official information on the forest resources of the Arkhangelsk Oblast, North-Western Russia. Among other enterprises of the same nature it is the only which has the English language Internet site we found. The site provides the list of info, which may be purchased, services available, contacts etc.
  • Moscow State Forestry University is the leading Russian forestry high scool. The site itself is very formal and not very informative. A good example of old soviet style of presentation. The contacts are probably the most usefull part of the site.
  • Finally we also have to mention the official site of the Russian Natural Resources Ministry altough it is totally in Russian since this is the main official source.
    The site contains a lot of official information on different forest and other natural resources issues. Unfortunately we may only wait for English version of the site. The Ministry currently incorporates the former Fedral Forest Service. See this section in our site for more info on this.

Russian timber industry in the Internet

  • The LesExpert Center is a small company orginated from the Central Scientific Research In-stitute of Mechanization and Power Engineering of Forest Industry. Provides on commercial base documentation on Russian standrds for round wood materials. The site is mainly in Russian, excluding the page on the link.
  • Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill, JSC is one of the largest consumer of pulp wood in Russian European North, as far as a big timber product exporter to European market. The site is more or less developed but some pages look brief and news look not updated too often. There is information available about the mill, its products, news. And even pages on environmental and social issues.
  • Association "Wood Industrialists of Vologda Region" is an asociation of a number of logging companies in Vologda region, North of European Russia. The site provides brief information about the association, its members and products.
  • Ilim Pulp Group is currently one of the largest Russian forest company, which includes such big mills like Kotlas Pulp and Paper Mill (one of three largest in Arkhangelsk region, Russian European North) and Bratsk Pulp and Paper Mill (one of the largest in Siberia) in Irkutsk region. Rather detialed information on the company, products and some other useful stuff. However, the site, at least its English part, looks to be still under construction and some sections are still blank. So is particularly the Environmental Policy one.
  • Novoeniseisk Forest-Chemical Complex is rather big enterprise in Krasjoyarsk region, Central Siberia, which produces fiberboards and other products from wood chips and small size saw wood, as far as sawn materials. The site contains brief information about the company.
  • Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill is one of two largest pulp and paper mills in the Republic of Karelia, Russian North-West, which produces of kraft paper, sack paper and paper sacks. The site contains information about the company and its products.
  • Siblesprom Ltd. A company trading sawn materials from siberian larch. The site is rather small and focused mainly on the products available for sale at the moment.
  • Sputnik Ltd, The company on export of timber of Far East of Russia.
  • Syktyvkar Forest Enterprise is the main timber processing enterprice in Komi Republic, North of European Russia, which produces not only pulp and paper products but also plywood and chipboards. The site is not very big but rather informative, especially as concern volume and structure of products. Even the general structure of export of different products is discribed. There is even comparison with other largest pult and paper producers in Russia in terms of market share.
  • JSC Syassky Pulp and Paper Mills is located on Ladoga Lake eastwards from Sankt-Peterburg. The information in the site is rather brief: history, location, characteristics of products.
  • JSC Exportles, former Russian wood products export monopolist, still is one of the big exporters of various timber products from Russia. The site is very small. At the moment only one page with general information is available in English.
  • Wood from Russia is the site supported by The Cedars Company from Irkutsk region in Central Siberia. Although the company does not look to be big, the site is updated actively as a billboard for trading timber products, mainly from Siberia.
  • WEINIG AG / Germany

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