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Basic info about Russian forest and forestry


Russian forest legislation

If is everything OK with forests in Russia?

Russian old-growth forests - the world natural heritage

Sustainable forestry in Russia

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POBEDITELI  Soldiers of the Great War

Timber trade

Principles of Responsible Timber Trade of Russian Wood, 2002

Siberian and RFE timber market for China: criminal and official technologies, volumes and trends in 2000. Analytic report by BROC and FSF, 2001

The Russia-China Timber Trade:
Opening a Dialogue between Russian, Chinese, and International Forest Activists about How to Protect Siberia's Forests,
Chita, September 26-28, 2000

Download (zip-file, MS Word 2000, 68 kb)

Analitical reports:

Towards Sustainable Swedish Timber Trade? - A Survey of Actors and Origin Of Timber from Russia and the Baltic States
The Taiga Rescue Network in cooperation with WWF Sweden published in 2000 this report looking at timber trade between Sweden and Russia and the Baltic States.

Plundering Russia's Far Eastern Taiga: Illegal Logging, Corruption, and Trade. - Friends of the Earth Japan, 2000
This file is 923 Kb (PDF) and 47 pages. To download the report from the FoE-Japan Web-site, right click here

The Finnish Forest Industry in Russia.
On the thorny path towards ecological and social responsibility.
The Finnish Nature League and Taiga Rescue Network, 1999

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