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Environmental aspects of forestry activity of large forest companies in Russia *

* Materials prepared by Mikhail Karpachevskiy, Biodiversity Conservation Center

Meaning of colors:

Intact, old-growth (virgin) forests:
- company announced non-use of wood from high conservation value forests (HCVF) as its strategic goal (with exception of timber procured from FSC certified forests);
- company with high probability uses timber from HCVF or agreed not to use wood from particular intact (old-growth) forests;
- company definetely uses wood from intact forests;
- no information is available.

FSC Certification:
- company is planning to use only FSC certified timber, part of timber already originates from certified forests;
- part of company's suppliers are in process of FSC certification;
- certification is only in company's plans or no information is available.

Information about the origin of all wood at the level of suppliers and logging sites:
- company has a system for tracing the origin of wood, reliability of this system is confirmed by independent auditing;
- company has such a system but is not willling to thorough verify it using third-party audit;
- company does not consider of primary importance to have a reliable system for tracing the origin of wood;
- company is not interested in having such a system.

Environmental policy with respect to wood supply:
- environmental policy is elaborated in details and is being implemented;
- company has made some elements of its environmental policy publicly available; company is open for contacts with media and NGOs;
- content of company's environmental policy is not known or information on company's activity is poorly available.

Name of company

Parental company



Certi fica tion
Wood origin

Environ mental policy

Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill affiliated with Titan Group Novodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast
Bratsk Forest Complex, pulp and paper mill Ilim Pulp Enterprise Bratsk, Irkutsk Oblast
IKEA Russia, Swedwood IKEA Group Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Irkutsk Oblast, Leningrad Oblast, Novosibirsk
Kondopoga, pulp and paper mill - Kondopoga, Republic of Karelia
Kotlas Pulp and Paper Mill Ilim Pulp Enterprise Koryazhma, Arkhangelsk Oblast
Mondi Business Paper Syktyvkar, pulp and paper mill Mondi Syktyvkar, Komi Republic
Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill - Segezha, Republic of Karelia
Solikamskbumprom, pulp and paper mill - Solikamsk, Perm Oblast
Svetogorsk, pulp and paper mill International Paper Svetogorsk, Leningrad Oblast
Ust-Ilimsk Forest Complex, pulp and paper mill Ilim Pulp Enterprise Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Oblast
Volga, pulp and paper mill Alfa-Eco, part of Alfa Group Balakhna, Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast

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