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POBEDITELI  Soldiers of the Great War

A History of Russian Forestry and its Leaders

V. K. Teplyakov, Ye. P. Kuzmichev, D. M. Baumgartner, and R. L. Everett

Dedicated to the 200th
anniversary of the creation
of the Forest Department in Russia

"Forestry is the child of necessity."
(G. F. Morozov)

"...Until now the Russian contribution has been ignored by the creators of forestry in Russia, undoubtedly to the great detriment of the field. You will never see a quote from Maier, Teploukhov, Bode, Skarzhinski or Levis in our forestry textbooks. There is much we could learn from the work of these men."
(A.F. Rudzky)

"The classical works, even when they have become out-dated in some respects, are, in essence, always young and always serve to inspire the reader ...In general, we are barely familiar with our masters, and we study them almost never."
(G. F. Morozov)

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. History of Forest Use, Management, Policy and Legislation in Russia

The First Period ( 8th century - 12th century)
The Second Period (13th century - 16th century)
The Third Period (17th century - 1725)
The Fourth Period (1725-1798)
The Fifth Period (1798-1832)
The Sixth Period (1832-1888)
The Seventh Period (1888-1917)
The Eighth Period (1917-1991)
The Ninth Period (1991 - Present)

Chapter 2. Beginnings of Forest Science in Russia

Ivan Tikhonovich Pososhkov (1652-1726)
Mikhail Vasiliyevich Lomonosov (1711-1765)
Peter Ivanovich Rychkov (1712-1777)
Ferdinand Gabriel Fokel (? - 1753)
Andrey Andreyevich Nartov (1723-1813)
Andrey Timofeyevich Bolotov (1738-1833)
Yevdokim Filippovich Zyablovsky (1763-1846)
Viktor Semyonovich Semyonov (1809-1872)
Andrey Nikolayevich Beketov (1825-1902)

Chapter 3. Soil Science, Forest Ecology, and Forest Science

Vasiliy Vasiliyevich Dokuchayev (1846-1903)
Pavel Andreevich Kostychev (1845-1895)
Gavriil Ivanovich Tanfilyev (1875-1928)
Georgiy Fyodorovich Morozov (1857-1928)
Vladimir Nikolayevich Sukachev (1880-1967)
Ivan Stepanovich Melekhov (1905-1994)

Chapter 4. Forest Valuation and Organization, Forest Management and the Theory of Forest Use

Yegor Frantsevich Kankrin (1774-1845)
AleksandrYefimovich Teploukhov (1811-1885)
Alfonse Romanovich Vargas de Bedemar (1816-1902)
Fyodor Karlovich Arnold (1819-1902)
Aleksandr Felitsianovich Rudzky (1838-1901)
Vasily Tarasovich Sobichevsky (1838-1913)
Mitrofan Kuzmich Tursky (1840-1899)
Mikhail Mikhailovich Orlov (1867-1932)
Nikolay Pavlovich Anuchin (1903-1984)

Chapter 5. Commonality in Forest Management History and Future Policy Direction

Published by Washington State University in cooperation with the Federal Forest Service of Russia and the Pacific Northwest Station of the U.S.D.A. Forest Service


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