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Myths Russian forest industry and officials tell to the public

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Russia has a lot of forests to log?
722 millions hectares, about a quarter of the worlds forests, and 22% of worlds growing stock. Does it mean huge possibilities for sustainable logging?

Is the current harvesting level sustainable?
Only 23% of the formally allowable cut level harvested in the year 2000. Does it mean sustainable harvesting?

Russian forest legislature suppose a wide variety of selective logging.
Does it mean that Russian harvesting practices take environmental aspects into consideration?

Is there enough forest protected in Russia?
Russian authorities: "The First Group forests, which are not supposed for industrial usage, cover 23% of Russian forests. Plus 5-15% (depending on the region) of protected areas on the top of it. There is no such term as old-growth forests in Russian forest science. We can not understand that these greens are talking about." Be careful with those figures!

Forests and environment under government's control?
Russian authorities: "All forests in Russia are state property under control of federal government. Russian Federal Forest Service has over 200 years experience. Environmental issues are under control of Environmental Protection Department." What's the reality?

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